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Dr. Martens boots are possibly the most stylish boots you can find. At Mayka we can offer you one of the largest collections of Dr. Martens boots that you can find. Choose yours!

Dr Martens


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    The AirWair sole from Doctor Martens was designed to give extra comfort to a boot originally designed for military use or for very demanding professions. AirWair is a registered trademark and one of its characteristics is the famous yellow stitching.



    Dr. Martens are famous worldwide as a British brand of boots but their origin comes from outside the British Isles. It was a German doctor (Klaus Martens) who designed them and developed practically everything about them. Martens soles are distinguished by their pneumatic suspension with air cushioning. They are so famous that they even have their own name: AirWair. The uppers of Dr. Martens are characterised by their unusual construction of piping and yellow stitching on most of their styles.

    The high quality of their materials meant that at the start they were worn by working class people because they were very durable footwear and they supported the feet very well. The memory of this made them very popular among punk and rock groups of them time, such as John Lydon from the Sex Pistols or Joe Strummer from The Clash. This led their popularity to grow quickly and spread worldwide.

    Dr. Martens boots are very versatile and striking footwear suitable for all kinds of people who dress in completely different ways.

    In our online shop you can also find Vegan Dr. Martens, made completely free from materials of animal origin.

    Dr. Martens are not only about style and fashion but when you put them on you feel as though you can do anything. They are a genuine symbol of self-expression, personality and youth. They are an emblem of rebelliousness and pure expression. These high quality boots will give you a feeling of absolute freedom.

    So, if you want to feel all these hallmarks and own one of the most iconic footwear items of the 20th century, come to one of our high-street shops or visit our online store, Mayka, where you will also find Dr. Martens on special offer. Get yourself some unique, one-off Dr. Martens and get ready to take on the world.