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New Balance is one of the leading brands in the global sports footwear market and continues to be recognized for its commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail. New Balance has become a symbol of style and functionality, appealing to professional athletes as well as sports enthusiasts and people looking for a comfortable shoe for everyday use.

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New Balance Sneakers

Origin of New Balance sneakers

New Balance is a renowned sportswear and footwear brand founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was created by William J. Riley with the goal of designing and manufacturing orthopedic insoles and arch supports to improve people's balance and comfort. Initially known as "New Balance Arch Support Company", the brand began to gain popularity among athletes due to the quality and performance of its products.

Why have New Balance sneakers become so fashionable?

Comfort: One of the key factors that has contributed to New Balance's success is its focus on comfort. The brand has invested in cushioning and support technologies to ensure that its sneakers provide a comfortable wearing experience and reduce stress on the feet. This has attracted people who value comfort in their footwear, whether for sports activities or for everyday use. Style and Versatility: New Balance has managed to combine comfort with attractive and versatile designs. Their sneakers feature a distinctive and recognizable aesthetic, with a variety of colors and combinations that suit both sporty and casual tastes. Additionally, they have partnered with fashion designers and collaborations, broadening their appeal and bringing New Balance sneakers to the forefront of streetwear. Return of retro trends: In fashion, trends tend to be cyclical, and in recent years there has been a return to retro and vintage aesthetics. New Balance sneakers, with their classic and nostalgic design, have benefited from this trend, capturing the attention of those looking for a style with influences from the past. Focus on quality and durability: New Balance has maintained a strong reputation for the quality and durability of its products. As consumers have become more aware of the sustainability and longevity of their purchases, New Balance sneakers have gained ground in being viewed as a long-lasting and reliable option. Influence of celebrities and influencers: Collaborations with celebrities and the popularity of social networks have had a significant impact on the spread of New Balance sneaker fashion. Many influential personalities, both in sports and entertainment fields, have been photographed wearing the brand's models, creating an additional boost for its popularity and trend. In short, the combination of comfort, distinctive style, quality and the effect of fashion trends has led New Balance sneakers to gain wide recognition and become a popular fashion item in recent years.

Which are the most mythical sneakers of the New Balance brand?