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Vans Sneakers are known for their classic style and comfort. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, making them ideal for any occasion. From skateboarding to streetwear, Vans Sneakers are a popular choice for many young people. If you are looking for Vans Sneakers for young people, at Mayka you will find a good range of models and colors of Vans sneakers. In addition, you can find Vans Sneakers with free shipping because at Mayka there is no minimum order limit for free deliveries.



History of the Vans brand

The first steps of the VANS brand are always modest with the opening of their first store in Anaheim. We also have the ability to develop an innovative strategy that allows us to think about it among the younger public, this strategy allows customers to take Vans sneakers to the store directly and receive them personally from the customer, at a reasonable price and therefore allows a greater quality control. Customers can relate their experience with Vans sneakers directly by allowing them to become popular with their users. Over the next decades, VANS continued to expand globally and diversify its line of products to include clothes, accessories and special collections. The brand is authentic and represents a popular choice among lovers of casual style and action sports.

sneakers VANS more conocidas

Zapatillas VANS Authentic: This model was the first designed by the brand in 1966. The Authentic is characterized by its unique style and its unique waffle, which offers excellent traction. These sneakers are still popular over the years and are a standard in the culture of sports athletes.

Bambas VANS Era: Launched in the 70s, the Era was one of the first models designed for skaters. These sneakers were created in collaboration with professional skaters and became a basic element for sports enthusiasts.

sneakers VANS Old Skool: Introduced first in 1977, the Old Skool is known for its distinctive striped design with a lado and reinforced stitch. This model was a pioneer in incorporating the stripe into the sneakers, a style that is seen as emblematic of the brand.<

Bambas VANS Slip-On: These Vans sneakers without cords appear in the finals of the 70s and are popular thanks to their comfort and minimalist style. The Slip-On is characterized by its superior leather and waffle leather, and has become a classic in the world of sneakers.

Botín VANS Sk8-Hi: These high-top sneakers were designed for the 80s and were designed specifically for skaters. There is a higher part that supports the slides and protects the feet while skating. The Sk8-Hi is also a popular choice in the sneakerhead culture.

Nuevas silhouettes of VANS sneakers

Las Vans Knu Skool sneakers: Its a modern version of the classic Vans Old Skool sneakers and is characterized by having a length and an attached strap, as well as a side band molded in 3D 12. Las Vans Knu Skool is available in a wide variety of colors and designs.

The Vans Ultrarange sneakerssneakers: Its a line of sneakers from the Vans brand that are characterized by their comfort and style. These are designed for active life styles and offer an inigualable liability without sacrificing style 1. The Vans Ultrarange is based on UltraCush Lite technology, which offers the maximum level of cushioning against impact 2. Also, please refuse DURACAP solders in more exposed areas al waste to provide unrivaled durability. It is also equipped with a LuxLiner internal construction system, which is simulated with media without costs to reduce weight, weight and heat.